Unconventional Occupational Therapy

Breaking Down Barriers 

Advocating for non-traditional practice areas of OT with a focus on                                            education, information sharing, and capacity building

Better Together: A Call for Action

My hopes are that this website will consist of a compilation of resources for all individuals interested in non-traditional practice areas. Too often, OTs are spending a significant amount of time doing endless research and "reinventing the wheel" while forgetting that our peers are our best network. Please assist me in making this a valuable tool for all the unconventional OTs out there.  

Questions, concerns, information, or resources that you believe would be helpful are encouraged and welcomed. If you are willing to be interviewed for a podcast episode or are interested in making a short video discussing your experience within a non-traditional practice area to have placed on this website, I would love to hear from you! Also, if you are an individual working in a non-traditional practice area who is willing to offer observation hours, serve as a fieldwork educator to a student, or serve as a mentor to a practicing therapist, PLEASE contact me. Let's build bridges together! 

What you'll find within this website...

Background InformationPopulation specific research regarding health and occupational challenges as well as contributing factors 

Role of OT Research, descriptions, and examples of the roles OTs play 

Support & Challenges of OT 

Research and information detailing the support of OTs serving the population and the challenges they face

Theory, Assessment, & ApplicationDescriptions of appropriate OT theory, evaluation, and practice applications 

Podcast Interviews Listen to discussions between the creator and OTs who work in emerging practice areas detailing their experiences

ResearchA list of relevant research articles for each topic 

ResourcesA list of relevant competency trainings, podcasts, reports, websites, books, documents, CEU opportunities, and more

Mini Toolkits

Small downloadable starter guides for beginning your journey into non-traditional areas of practice (Coming soon!)

Networking OpportunitiesThrough OT Connections, visitors can place an ad detailing their search for or willingness to offer observation hours, fieldwork education, or mentorship. (Coming soon!)

Busy life but still want to learn about 

non-traditional practice areas? 


Conveniently tune in while in the car, cooking dinner, or engaging in almost any other occupation! Episodes include discussions with OT who have experience in non-traditional practice areas. 

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